Supports up to 250 pounds when properly installed using our SAF-T Lock Locking System.

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"SAF-T Lock" Locking System

The "Ultra Protect" basement window well covers feature a patented "SAF-T Lock" locking system which cannot be opened from the outside of the home. A "pull pin" release allows you and your family to quickly get out of the window well in case of an emergency.

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Lifetime Warranty

Because each Ultra Protect window well cover is manufactured with the highest quality materials and individually checked prior to shipping, we are certain that our products will perform for a lifetime. Each Ultra Protect window well cover comes complete with a lifetime warranty.

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Egress Escape Ladders

Dyne, Inc. manufactures the highest quality window well egress escape ladders. There are sizes available to fit any depth window well.

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Ultra Protect Window Well Covers
Window well covers, Egress/Escape Ladders, and cover hardware are available.
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A: Window Well Cover
B: Hardware
C: Escape Ladder
D: Escape Ladder with Concrete Mounting Hardware